International Expo and Conference
June 17 - 19, 2024   |   Vancouver

B2B Matchmaking

Networking made easy.

hy-fcell offers you smart AI technology to help you make meaningful connections, taking into account who you are and who you’ll benefit from meeting.

We’ve partnered with Brella, an award-winning matchmaking tool that allows you to see who else is attending and book 1:1 meetings with your best matches.

The platform opens two weeks before the event starts. You can be sure that the people you’re matched with are neither a random collection of conference-goers nor a manually curated group of people, but rather the product of sophisticated algorithms.

All meaningful connections are delivered straight to you based on your networking interests and intents.

1. Create a matchmaking profile

We have a detailed and thorough list of interests relevant to the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Choose the interests that accurately reflect you and choose your goals. These provide the AI-powered algorithm with the best information.

2. Connect with event attendees

Once you complete your profile, you’ll see your recommended matches right away. Select a profile, choose an available time and send a meeting request to start the discussion.

3. Arrive at hy-fcell with pre-booked meetings!

Fill your schedule with relevant 1:1 meetings and connect at your automatically assigned table in the Networking Zone! The Brella app maximizes your valuable time at hy-fcell Canada!

Download the hy-fcell matchmaking app!

Matchmaking FAQ

Which tickets include matchmaking?

  • Matchmaking included: Early Bird 2-Day, Early Bird 1-Day, 2-Day Conference, 1-Day Conference, Student: 2-Day Conference, Expo with Matchmaking
  • Matchmaking not included: Technical Tours Add-on, 2-Day Expo only, Evening Event only

How do I get started?

1. Buy a ticket: Choose a ticket that includes matchmaking.

2. Receive your join link: This arrives by email approximately two weeks before the event.

3. Set up your profile: First, pick relevant areas of interest and select your goals for each. Then, choose your availability during the event.

4. Start booking meetings: View recommended matches or browse all participants. Select a profile and send a meeting request.

5. Confirm meetings: Accept meeting requests from others. A table in the Matchmaking Zone will be reserved automatically.

6. Arrive on site and meet: Show up on the event days for amazing conference content and relevant 1:1 meetings in the Matchmaking Zone!

How do I access the app?

We highly recommend downloading the app, as it is easy to use and it offers booking notifications and meetings reminders. If you are unable to download it, a web version is also available.

Is the app only for matchmaking?

In addition to matchmaking, the hy-fcell app by Brella offers a lot of relevant event information. It’s also got the conference program, speaker list, sponsor details and expo floorplan. Bookmark your preferred sessions and view them together with your 1:1 meetings in your personalized schedule – everything in the palm of your hand!

Where do the meetings take place?

A Matchmaking Zone is located in the middle of the hy-fcell Expo Hall. Here, tables will be reserved for 1:1 meetings coordinated through the Brella app.

When you book a meeting, your timeslot will be automatically matched with an available table. Simply meet your 1:1 partner at the table number shown in the Brella app and start networking!

Can I setup matchmaking on site?

Although you can setup Brella on site, we highly recommend doing it in advance. Taking just 5 minutes once or twice in the two weeks pre-event will help you arrive at hy-fcell fully prepared with relevant pre-booked meetings! Don’t leave this important opportunity to the last minute.

Is there an attendee list in the Brella Matchmaking App?

Attendees who opt-in to participate in networking will appear in the app. Many users log in just a few days before the event, so it’s worthwhile checking the app frequently to see who has joined and if you have new matches.

Can I sync my matchmaking appointments with Outlook? Where will I see the meetings?

By using the download feature, you can create a separate calendar in Outlook for Brella meetings. In Outlook, click on the Calendar Tab to see all your calendars. There, you can view the Matchmaking appointments or copy them into your main calendar.